Ok I have an idea, I’m about to sum up this ski season and tell you what my opinion on some of the systems where I have been during my ski life 🙂


So the view is splendid, you are surrounded by amazing alps, the weather was amazing, but so not worth it,
I have heard so much about this system, people has said it’s the best one in this area, but it’s totally rubbish- throw it in the bin,
It’s expensive, the people are rude, so rude that the Milanese becomes very friendly in comparison, for me it would not be a problem that the system cost and the people are rude, I have been to cortina and I gladly return every year. Montgenevro has really boring slopes, I found 3 black ones and 3 read ones – the rest was all blue or green, the restaurants in the slopes are to forget, mcdonalds is gourmet food in comparison. The only good thing about the system was the offpist skiing.
The staff working in the lifts were very unhelpful and un friendly,
The lifts is so short that they arrived at my ankles and I’m 1,50 cm.
to sum up: this system is so over rated, I think it has a bit of a “posh” status to it, and that is why people rate it so high. It’s a perfect (but expensive) system for children and beginners.
Charlie Image

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