If anyone loves to sneak you
and you don’t like that snappy too
Don’t indulge in a wrong do
Just pass a smile with emotions few
If your life has become a puckered face
Smile to it, you’ll meet every happy case
If you’ve verity no one can be trusted
Just one smile..
you’ll get trustful, I can bet it
If you are secluded from a loving place
Smile to the cause it will ablaze
If dad has rebuked for a party out
A smiley attitude will prevent a shout

Above all what i can say
Smile isn’t less than a pray..
Giving a smile is a work of prat
but remember its always tit for tat
A thought very right I’ve learnt from my teacher
If you’ll obey, you’ll be a great creature
‘Life is like a mirror reflecting whatever you do
If you face it smiling, it smiles right back to you..



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