lemon meringue pie / citron maräng paj


I have always been fascinated by lemon meringue pie . I’ve never made the pie myself, because for some reason I expected it to be really hard. As a lot of times when you start googleing, you realize it really isn’t. I was surprised to see how short the pie actually needs to be in the oven, and how fast it was to boil together the filling. This pie would be perfect for Mother’s Day, or any other spring/summer afternoon tea. If you haven’t made it yourself yet, you really should. You’ll surprise and impress both yourself and your guests.




Recipe / Recept

Pie crust / Pajdeg 

2.2 cups / 3 dl of flour

125 g butter 

2 tbsp of sugar 

2 tbsp of water 

Lemon filling 

2 large or 4 small lemons 

1 cup/ 2.5 dl  of sugar

2 tbsp of flour

1.5 cups / 3.25 dl of water 

3 tbsp cornstarch

2 tbsp butter 

4 egg yolks 

Meringue / Maräng 

6 egg whites 

5 tbsp of sugar

1. Mix together all ingredients for the crust.

2. Put in the fridge for 30 min.

3. Grade the zest of the lemons, and juice them.

4. Stir together lemon zest + juice, sugar, flour, water and cornstarch in a pot.

5. Start cooking on low heat. .

6. Add in the yolks and butter.

7. Bring to boil while stirring.

8. Take off the heat when it’s thickened.

9. Preheat the oven to 375 F.

10. Bake the pie crust for 5 min by itself.

11. Whisk the egg whites to a hard foam. Add in sugar gradually after.

12. Spread the lemon filling in the piecrust.

13 cover with the meringue.

14. Bake for about 10 min, or until the meringue is a little brown.

15. Done!


Horses for autism

Children can be taught little by little to accept the comforting effect of touch. All children need this and especially autistic children.
I have this idea, or it’s more l a dream. I have been thinking about it lately but after researching it a lot lately and seeing it IRL, I think that this I what I want to dedicate my life to, Hippo therapy for autism. Autism increases every year and people often tend to treat those with autism badly, and speak badly of them because often people lack knowledge about autism.
with the right kind of therapy autistics can have a good and loving life.
So my dream basically is to have a horse farm that specializes in hippo therapy for people with autism. As horses often helps autistic children to increase their social interaction

20140526-100203 am-36123033.jpg

20140526-100203 am-36123214.jpg

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All by myself

Today my afternoon lectures was canceled so instead of going home I went around the center by myself, I bought some books, a psychology dictionary, a present for my sister whom is about to graduate from the royal institute of technology in sthlm, went to a museum and then I just went to the park and studied for a few hours, here are some photos 🙂

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study time

it’s 12.30 am, and I’m free from class, and I have been up since 6.30 am studying, doing flashcards, writing summaries etc. my eyes are dry. I have comet the conclusion that university professors are mean and they give you a 5 books in every subject because they want you to go crazy and commit social suicide. thats whats happens when you study psychology 🙂 or at least during exam periods. 




syltkakor / swedish jam biscuits


Igen, ett recept på kakor. Syltkakor är typiska svenska kakor och är superlätta att göra! Egentligen kan man använda vilken sylt man vill, men traditionellt sett är det hallonsylt som fyller kakorna. Det är också därför dessa kakor ibland kallas för hallongrottor. “Hålet” i kakan kan variera i storlek, men tänk på att inte lägga i för mycket sylt, när kakorna gräddas svämmar sylten över och rinner ner över kakorna. / Yet another recipe for cookies. Jam cookies are very stereotypical for the Swedish kitchen, and super easy to make! You can use any jam you like, but the traditional jam cookie is filled with raspberry jam. That’s also why they sometimes are named raspberry caves. The “cave” in the cookie may vary in size, but remember not to put in too much jam. When the cookie is baked, the jam will drizzle down the sides of the cookies.

Recept / Recipe

5-5 1/2 dl mjöl / 2-2.2 cups of flour

1 dl socker / 0.4 cups of sugar

200 g smör / 7 ounces of sugar

2 msk vaniljsocker / 1 tbsp of vanilla extract

Hallonsylt / Raspberry jam

1. Sätt ugnen på 200 grader. Heat the oven to 390 F.

2. Mixa mjöl, socker, smör och vaniljsocker i en mixer. / Put flour, sugar, butter and vanilla extract in a food processor and make the dough.

3. Rulla små bollar och tryck ut ett hål med tummen i mitten. / Roll small dough balls and create a cave with your thumb in the middle.

4. Lägg i lite sylt i hålen. / Put some jam in the caves.

5. Grädda i ca 10-12 min eller tills kakorna fått lite färg. / Bake for about 10-12 min or until the cookies has gotten some color.



Swedish cinnamon buns / Kanelbullar


Kanelbullar är typsikt svenskt, gott när som helst under dagen, och doftar ljuvligt. Ett tips är att grädda bullarna i höga (dubbla) muffinsformar eller andra höga formar, på så sätt växer dom på höjden.


Cinnamon buns is typically Swedish, They’re delicious any time of the day, and they smell wonderful. A tip is to bake them in the oven in muffin thins, in that way they “grow” in height and not only in width. If you haven’t, you really should try them out!

Recipe / Recept

50 g of  yeast / 50 g jäst

2 cups of milk/ 5 dl röd mjölk

0.4 cups of sugar /1 dl socker /

3.5 ounces of butter (room-temperatured) /100 g rumsvarmt smör/

1/2 of teaspoon salt/ 1/2 tsk salt

2 teaspoons of cardamom / 2 tsk kardemumma (kan uteslutas)

about 4-5 cups of flour / ca 10-12 dl mjöl

Filling/Fyllning :

8.8 ounces of butter/ ca 250 g smör

cinnamon / kanel

about 3 tablespoons of sugar / ca 3 msk strösocker

Garnering/ Garnish:

1 whisked egg / 1 uppvispat ägg

Pärlsocker / Pearl sugar

1. Crumble the yeast in a big bowl, heat the milk so it’s body temperatured, pour the milk over the yeast and stir until the yeast and milk is one/ .Smula jästen i en stor bunke, värm mjölken så att den är fingervarm (ca 37 grader), häll mjölken över jästen och rör om tills jästen har lösts upp.

2. Add butter, sugar, salt and cardamom. Add some of the flour (about 1.5 cups), make sure the flour is airy and not compact. Start to work the flour into the dough( i used a wodden fork ). Add more flour, a little at a time. It’s enough when the dough starts to loosen from the edges of the bowl /.Lägg i smör, socker, salt och kardemumma. Lägg i lite av mjölet (ca 5 dl), se till att mjölet är fluffigt och inte ihop packat. Börja bearbeta degen med en trägaffel, tillsätt mer mjöl, lite åt gången. Det räcker när degen börjat låssa från kanterna.

3. Cover with a kitchen towel. Let stand for 30 min./ Lägg över en kökshanduk och låt jäsa i 30 min.

4. Heat the oven to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Tuck the dough out (split it in 2) and put the filling on. You can mix the butter with the vanilla sugar. Cover the thin dough. Cover with a lot of cinnamon, and then a little sugar. Roll from one side to another, and cut or braid.                                                                        /                                                                                                                                                                   Sätt ugnen på 250 grader. Kavla ut degen (dela den i två) och bred på fyllningen. Du kan blanda vaniljsockret med smöret. Täck den tunna utkavlade degen. Strö på rikligt med kanel, och sen lite socker. Rulla ihop och klipp eller skär./

5. Cover the buns and let stand for 30 min, covered. Whisk the egg, brush the buns and add pearl sugar on top. / Låt jäsa i 30 min till, täckta med en kökshandduk. Vispa upp ett ägg, pensla bullarna och strö på pärlsocker.  

6.. Bake until they get a little color. About 7 min. / Låt stå i ugnen tills de fått lite färg, ca 7 min

 7. ENJOY! / NJUT!


Couldn’t have gone worse, threw up before and after my presentation, was made walk around during my presentation and my professor took my sheet were my notes were written but I managed to get through it 🙂
Now I’m going home, sleeping watching the holiday and ofc making something sweet 🙂