A letter to my to my sixteen year old self….

Do you want the good news or the bad?

– The good news is that we are happy, the bad is that we are still barking mad,

Right about now you should be leaving that strange emo faze where black ribbons, lace and nails with a moody face where all the craze. Now I’m still convinced that all that you are about to witness all the heartbreak, all the mistakes and all those attempts to fitness every tear and shout and giggle has gone towards to creating, ME.      And I wouldn’t change a single second of your happiness or misery.                                                                      But with all that said, there are something’s you ought to know, to make your journey smother a bit less bumpy on the go.

One, don’t compare yourself to every girl you have met, their bigger boobs, their longer legs, their better makeup because I will bet that every girl you have met has compared themselves to us. Our curvy waist, our wavy hair, when all we though “what’s the fuzz?”.                                                                                                                   Your not them and them are not you, and wholly crap that’s nice. So stop comparing and start self-caring. Cos you are more that suffice.

Two, hold your horses, take things slower, think it through, because you are so good at jumping in the deep without a freaking clue. You fall in love with best-case scenarios whilst ignoring all the worst. So when the worst comes rolling down your bubbles quickly burst, fight the urge to race ahead. Be torches and not the hair, you will see the end before its here and not fall over it when you are there.

Three, take time to date yourself, and don’t let guys state your worth because half the guys you end up being with didn’t deserve everything you had to offer, because you did not learn to love yourself before you asked a boy to love you, which got you left up on a shelf.

Figure out exactly who YOU are and then be daring. You just got to be more careful when it’s your heart that you are sharing.                                                                                                                                                           Aside from that I don’t think I would change another thing, Even that stupid decision that 2012 will bring, but remember there will be times when all is lost when there is no way out from all that doubt, and every bridge has been crossed but if you call it quits you will never get to see where we end up. I’ve got to say its pretty freaking good so don’t give up. Life has got this funny way, of being really bad but then just like that the light comes on and you will be so glad that you held on that bit longer so you can lie out in the sun. And I hope that I can make you proud.

Love from,                                                                                                                                                                   Me at 21

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