How to handle a bully

I’m not perfect, I’ve said and done stupid things. Hell I still say and do stupid things, but from experience I know how it feels like being bullied, and I didn’t deal with it very good, and I often think how I would have handled it if I could turn the clock back.


  • Punch them in the face…. I’m Kidding. So don’t do that!

Violence is never the answer. Fight with your mind not with your fists.

  • What ever they say, just politely agree.

“You are an ugly idiot”

“Yes I’m, thank you for noticing”

“You have no friends”

“Yes, it’s a shame isn’t it.”

It’s a more fun way to deal what already is a crappy situation. By agreeing you are minimizing what the bully can pick on, they are looking for your hidden deepest darkest insecurities – those you would never would tell anyone.

By openly admitting to everything that a bully wants to pin on you it just becomes boring.

  • DO NOT RETALIATE! It doesn’t matter what they say or do to you, how awful or horrible it gets. That moment that you start hurling abuse back you sink to their level. If you maintain a moral high ground you are in touchable up there.
  • STAY CALM. Nothing spells disaster like wetting yourself in front of a bully. You must just keep in mind that this bully lives a much sadder life than yours. Who goes around bullying other people and treating other people like crap for fun? Someone who is damaged on the inside.

Bullies try to draw attention to your insecurities to take attention from their own. It’s the equivalent of going “look there is an elephant over there! Don’t look at me. Look at the elephant”.

I always found it easier to just ignore the bully and just hope that they would stop because it became boring.

  • TELL SOMEONE. I know this sound really cliché, and a lot of the time teachers and parents just say “just ignore them” and even if no immediate action is taken, at least you have made someone aware of the situation. So if something was to crop up again, they are ought to remember the last time you said something and each time you are more likely to get something done about the situation. The worst thing you could possibly do is to bottle it up and suffer in silence, nobody wants you to do that. Your friends and family care about you and want to make sure that you are having a good time at school. Nobody wants that you have that one person making your life a misery. I have been there and I know how much that SUCKS!

Bullying doesn’t stop after school, I learnt that the hard way, unfortunately. It’s a sucky situation. Its all part of that fraise “life isn’t fair”, but the older you become it becomes easier to.

  1. Ignore it, because the smaller things don’t get to you as much as when you are younger and in school.
  2. It’s easier to tell someone, just to get over with it sooner because you just don’t want to go through that again, when you already have been through it at school.

As long as we all have some idea how to deal with it responsibly and respectfully, with respectfully I mean not only to other people but to ourselves as well. There are people who deal with it by self-harming, or starving themselves or in some extreme cases by suicide, and it absolutely break my heart, as it shouldn’t still be happening. It makes me so sad and angry, we should be looking out for each other and try to deal with bullying with respectfully and responsibly we will find a way a way to eventually overcome it.

Love                                                                                                                                                  Charlie xx

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