One summer



Bill Bryson

In the summer of 1927, America had a booming stock market, a president who worked just four hours a day (and slept much of the rest), a devastating of the Mississippi, a sensational murder trial, and an unknown aviator named Charles Lindbergh who became the most famous man on earth

It was the summer that saw the birth of taking pictures, the invention of television, the peak of Al Capone’s reign of terror, the horrifying bombing of a school in Michigan, the thrillingly improbable return to greatness of an over-the-hill baseball player named babe Ruth, and an almost impossible amount more.

History books, we all know them, often they are heavy, clumsy, boring and very plain, not interesting anywhere. I have always been a huge history buff, I was the only one at school who actually enjoyed studying the Victorian era, WW II or whatever we was studying at that time. However the books were horrendous, if I would have been presented Bill Bryson at the age of 14 I would have been in heaven.

Bill Bryson captured both my mind and heart with this book, he is able to capture historical events and retell them with new aspects and details.

This book lets you in on the summer of 1927, and you can imagine how it was when the spirit of St. Louis actually took off for Europe, Bryson writes with lots of wit and entertaining aspects which makes this book gripping, with its historical events and personal conflicts.

A truly fascinating book


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