Perfect day

Today has been an incredible day, I have done some of the things I truly love.
I started the day in the best possible way, a run in the woods with my four legged friend.

As the pictures show, today was a marvelous day, and to celebrate the good weather I went for a longer run.

As I was completely free today, the rest of the day has consisted of drinking lots and lots of tea, making origami dragons and dinosaurs, who would win in a fight between Dragons and dinosaurs? I recon it must be the gire breathing dragon, but please tell me if I’m incorrect.

I have also started re-reading on the road by Jack Kerouac. I had completely forgotten what a mind blowing book it is. I will soon be posting a book review on the book or when I have finished it.
As for the rest of the day, I have not done much, I baked some apple crumble muffins which I will also post a recipe on and they were absolutely delicious, but then if you combine crumble and muffin it ought to be tasty!


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