dear spring – day 31 (finale)

dear spring,

goodbyes are always difficult. but i suppose the good thing about you is that you are here with me forever, you have to comeback. people may decide to move on or drift away, but you, I can count on you to return to me even how much I have complaint on your temperamental weather.

It will all have been forgotten by this time next year, when we are glad to see each other next year. the time you have given me in this last month has been a wonderful one, i turned 22, i got to go on some awesome adventures i spent lots of time with loves one, i worked hard at university and through it all, everyone seemed to be smiling, so before you go, i guess i just like to say thanks!

love charlie

p.s I know you are here for another two months but our letter correspondence will finish today, so I am thanking you today spring for giving me a splendid march.


dear spring – day 30

dear spring,

tomorrow is the last day of our letter correspondence,

Today was a good day, I got a package of new books (thank you mum and dad), tea and candy.

I can’t wait to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and read a good book.



dear spring – day 29


Dear spring,

March is coming to an end and so is our letter correspondence, which saddens me, as March has been a really amazing month, filled with laughter, books, giggles, cake and skiing

Yesterday was both an amazing and sad day, a strange combination but I thought I would tell you about my day, spring. That is if you would like that.

Living in the mountains is truly amazing, you have a quantity of outdoor sports you can choose from, which brings me happiness in the fact that I can go skiing whenever I want, but as your rays are becoming stronger the temperature is getting warmer and the snow is melting away.

Yesterday was the last day of skiing of this season, it was an amazing day, sunshine, no people but you can tell that it was the last day of skiing as many slopes are closed due to lack of snow, but it was nice to be able to say goodbye to the snow and my favourite sport. I can’t wait for next season.

Plus its always nice to be on a mountain skiing.

With love



dear spring -day 28

Dear spring,

Today has been an intensive day, I feel like I have accomplished nothing and yet I have been so stressed and busy all day.

I have been out and about all day, running errands and getting things done and yet I have not done half of the things I still need to do. But there are always a tomorrow, I assume and I need to learn how to stress less. Hope you enjoyed your Saturday spring.



p.s thank you for the amazing weather you brought today

dear spring – day 27

Dear spring,

Today I thought about decisions and how I tend to make them.

I make my pro-con lists, so whenever I need to make a decision about my future I lay it in the hands of a list?

When I should make it with my brain, my heart and my soul, something that makes sense on paper may not make sense in your heart.

So spring please remind me of this next time I need to make an important decision.



dear spring – day 26

Dear spring,

What’s your relationship to languages?

I feel that people tend to either love or hate them?

Personally I love them. I love words and phrases, I cant get enough of the wide knowledge a language receive you with.

I’m a fast learner when it comes to languages, I have no trouble when it comes to grammar (except Swedish, I can’t understand it).

I learn the basic grammar very fast and when I know it I know it.

So spring, how is your relationship to languages?

Please let me know



dear spring -day 25

Dear spring,

Today I baked an apple tart to celebrate that I can finally feel your presence. Your rays are finally touching my skin and whenever I step out I can feel your very specific scent. The flowers that are coming up among the snow, the snow that’s melting and water pouring in the little streams in the deep forest. A scent so magical but yet so ordinary. Thank you spring!

Love Charlie