dear spring – day 4

dear spring,

Life seems to be playing a game of opposites with me, you know that game we play as kids to annoy our parents when they would say one thing and we would do the other and fall about laughing at their puzzled faces. Well life is now a puzzled child and I am my parents, when I’m in a rush everything seems to go in slow motion, people transport time you name it and its moving at half speed. But on days like today when I’m with friends and happy and to let life in all its glory engulf me for a day, everything speeds up. I wake up, I blink and the day is gone in a blur of smiles, glances ponding’s and the occasional cup of tea. Today just sort of happened and because I wasn’t hawking over it, like a playful child the day just wandered off and got off among, the other days that just sort of happened to me, and I can almost hear it laughing as I watch the vague memory off it in my mind like a silent movie on a puzzled look upon my face.

Spring, remind me to apologize to my parents it’s a stupid game to play.



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