Dear spring -day 5 

dear spring, 

It’s thursday and I’m tired, Usually when you have made the air turn warmer but yet so chilly, I start to evaluate my life as the new age I have become starts to open up, sort of New Years revaluations in reverse, I glance over my shoulder, only  Briefly mind you, to look back on who I have lost along the way and who I have gained and which part of myself was left behind and which parts are new or in development.

For instance I lost some of intensity I used to feel, behind wanting everyone to understand me, I lost the desire to sleep on the right side of the bed but I gained the ability to let others view me in different ways , even though they might be scued from reality and I gained the right side. 

I’m not going to lie to you, it’s been a tought year, a really tought year but I feel better and stronger than ever before, however I was starting to get a little lonely there for a while, spring. 

I used to ask myself this question in times of loneliness and figure out in my own head who I valued as my closest friend, if the world was ending who would I run to just for my last hours with. for a little while I did have an answer. But I’m happy to say that after some careful consideration, spring, you have brought with you new life long friends and new answers to my question. 

Love charlie 

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