dear spring- day 11

Dear spring,

I’m waiting for my own house to be finished, so that I can move out and have a place to myself. Its got to a point where I own a house worth of stuff and its all crammed into one small bedroom, and I just can’t seem to keep it all in order.

Considering I spend little time in our house, and when I do I’m either in the kitchen or in the bed fast asleep. The place is a mess. I do love this room though; especially when you are bringing the rays of sun, spring. It becomes one of the warmest rooms in the house. All the books, the cozy blankets, the weird lamp, the stripy bed makes it soooo cozy in here. I will miss it, when our house is finished, but having a whole place to my own to throw my expression onto and create new memories in, is hugely exciting. Not long now.




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