dear spring -day 19

Dear spring,

I have already told you, spring, I spend a lot of time on trains which on the other hand lead to a lot of incredibly weird stories often including weird men, coming up to me, trying to chat me up and they are never…. Normal or good looking or normal. I have a few of theses stories but my favorite happened on my train home on Thursday evening. So I got on my train, around 7.30 pm, I had just left the library. I had my headphones on, I was walking down the carriage, it was quite a busy train, you know like medium busy, there were a few seats left, there weren’t the nice seats in the little booths by the windows, they were all taken, but I found a row of three seats where I could sit in a middle one, just being in my own little bubble for a little bit. It was all lovely.

I had a book in my bag, but I didn’t feel like reading so I thought I would whack out a piece of origami paper and I’m going to make me a dragon friend, its what I’m gonna do I thought to my self.

I’m halfway through this dragon, this guy, this Asian guy (the fact that he is Asian is relevant to the story) walks up to me and hovers over me for a second to the point that I know that he is there so I kind of have to acknowledge him, so I going to have to look up, take my headphones off and looked up and I said “hi” he said “hi, that’s cool” pointing to the dragon and I was like “thanks” and then he didn’t say anything. Having been quite content in my little bubble before this man arrived I just wanted to go “bye now”, instead what happened he handed me a card, it’s a bowling card and he said “ I’m going to give you this, it looks like a bowling card and that is because it is a bowling card. And then he said something, and I’m not going to lie mad me worry about what was going to come next he said “and this is going to sound really weird”, and I was like “right”, “me and my friends there is four of us, we have got quite a diverse friend group, there is one Asian guy, one black guy, one white guy and one mixed raced guy”. For a second there I thought he was going to ask me to join their group to join as the one guy that wasn’t a guy, I didn’t know what to think or what to do and then he goes, “we have all written our numbers down on this card, and you can pick which one you want” and I look down on the card and there are four numbers written around the edge of the card but instead of their names being next to the numbers it just says in brackets after each number white, black, Asian, mixed. And to top it all off he points to one of the numbers and says “I recommend the Asian” I looked back to this guy and I said “you do realize that this is the weirdest thing I have ever been given, right” and he nodded and went “yeah” he knew that this was weird and then he said pointing to my dragon “can I have that one when you are done” and I just went “yeah, yes you can” because in my head I went “because I wont be texting these numbers, so the best you are going to get out of this interaction is an origami dragon”.

It was so bizarre, like I still don’t quite understand it and I don’t understand how he thinks that anyone can pick a date based on a phone number and the ethnicity of the person it belongs to. It doesn’t have names, interests, favorite books, favorite TV shows. Like I don’t know if we are compatible. It’s a very bizarre way to doing things and I don’t recommend it, its weird and I’m not going to text any of these numbers and I don’t know anyone who would. And I think but I’m not sure that it might be a little bit racist, I don’t know, you tell me spring.

I don’t know what my conclusion is on that whole experience, I don’t think I will ever

Have one. It just too bizarre.

Love from a Gobsmacked Charlie


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