Dear spring -day 22

Dear spring,

Today is a Sunday, Sunday the 22nd of March to be exact.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week, it’s a day when you can do anything you want. People don’t say anything if you wake up by 09.30 a.m., because it’s a Sunday and you are supposed to have a bit of sleep in, so I tend to have one. But that’s okay I guess.

Today was an ordinary Sunday for me, I haven’t done anything in particular or I have some chores I do every Sunday, to get ready for the new week that waits.

You see, I love home baked bread so every Sunday I bake some bread, today I made some rye rolls, it’s perfect to a cup of tea in the afternoon with some marmalade and butter.

I have cleaned and made the laundry, its so nice to start off a new week with fresh linen in the bed, a clean bathroom, it gives you a clean start to a new week.

So please tell me spring what did you do today?

Love Charlie



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