dear spring -day 23

Dear spring, 
Do you remember you first love? 
I don’t think that a first love necessary need to be a person, it can  be an animal or celebrity or an imaginary friend. 
My first love was the greatest one a young girl could have, he was brown and so so beautiful. Everyday that passes I think about him and his loyalty towards me. I miss his kisses and to feel his head next to mine, his teeth in my hair and to hear his hooves galloping as he comes towards me. My first love was a pony, an amazing one. His name was rocky and not a day passes without me thinking about him. 
He will forever be in my heart, in a very special place, dedicated to my soulmate, best friend and first love. 
Every time I arrive at country house I expect to seem him by the road, but no, where he once stood there are now trees growing…
Love charlie  



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