dear spring – day 31 (finale)

dear spring,

goodbyes are always difficult. but i suppose the good thing about you is that you are here with me forever, you have to comeback. people may decide to move on or drift away, but you, I can count on you to return to me even how much I have complaint on your temperamental weather.

It will all have been forgotten by this time next year, when we are glad to see each other next year. the time you have given me in this last month has been a wonderful one, i turned 22, i got to go on some awesome adventures i spent lots of time with loves one, i worked hard at university and through it all, everyone seemed to be smiling, so before you go, i guess i just like to say thanks!

love charlie

p.s I know you are here for another two months but our letter correspondence will finish today, so I am thanking you today spring for giving me a splendid march.


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