An Amazing week

Its Wednesday, which means a new blog post, aren’t you all excited (haha kidding)

The last week and a half has been intense.

Last Wednesday my blog failed to deliver the weekly update, I was supposed to, but lets stay calm and enjoy this one, shall we.


Thursday I spent the day with a beauty queen, we galloped through the forest, and was taken aback a few hundred years to when cars did not exist.

Going from A to b must have taken longer, but it must also have been so much more peaceful, riding through the woods, hearing the birds sing, smelling the blossoming cherry trees.


Saturday night, we treated ourselves to a lovely dinner at a small restaurant, and I had the most amazing tuna fish, with pistachio and mustard, it sounds weird but trust me it was a combination I will never forget.



Also this week, I have struggled with both stomach problems and aching knees but who am I to complain, although I’m thinking about writing a post about my stomach problems, just to raise awareness, as stomach problems are increasing significantly in women between 15-30 years of age.