roadtrip 2015 part 1

Hello,                                                                                                                                hopefully I still have some readers after my very very long break on Charlies world but my motivation and joy for it is back and hopefully it will be working better this year.      September is a strange month,  it can never quite decide if it wants to be winter or summer, sometimes you will leave the house in the pouring rain and by lunch it is boiling hot!

Today its pouring down and I thought that I would start blogging again, for two reasons; I really miss it and I love to write although I never have stopped writing it’s a great way to keep your life documented.

I thought that i would share my summer travels with Charlie’s world. but it will be divided into several parts, as i do have a million pictures, so be prepared for a long one, so pace yourself! grab a cuppa and maybe a biscuit.

we stayed in the beautiful villa belvedere in Argegno, by the beautiful como lake.

IMG_0690 hotelcomo3

our balcony view wasn’t too shabby. I felt right at home with the mountains and the water and all the boats, I could have moved there in a blink of an eye




as the night sprung upon us, we headed to the hotels restaurant which had this amazing view and fed our hungry bellies.
the following morning we woke up to this!
after eating breakfast we caught the bus (which at como lake is a boat) and headed over to a dream come true of mine – Villa Carlotta
villa carlotta1JPG
and there she was, one of my dreams, that finally came true. 

villacarlotta9.JPG  villacarlotta7

villacarlotta5 villa carlotta6

PicMonkey Collage  IMG_0677

And there I was infront of my dream house named after me (Carlotta is the Italian version of Charlotte) hard not to be smiling when you are visiting your own estate!

then it was time to say good bye to villa Carlotta and head over to Bellagio for lunch,

where I sat and look over my new home (let a girl dream) while drinking wine and pimm’s


before we headed back home for some swimming in the lake


before once again filling up our stomach’s with some amazing italian food, and when you travel through Italy you must eat some Pizza. This leek and salmon pizza at ristorante pizzetta was the best I ever had.


Until next time ❤

Love                                                                                                                                      Charlie 

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