As we woke up to a grey Germany, it didn’t really matter to us as it was time to jump in the  car and hit the roads once again.  Autobahn as always had some heavy traffic, but who am I to complain, after all we was on vacation. After several hours of driving, we arrived in a picturesque town called Zell (mosel). Where I was throned as King Charlie of Zell.

Who wouldn’t sleep like a knight in a tower of that kind. I sure felt like King Arthur, in my tower!

IMG_3423 Our room was fab, we travelled a few hundred years back in time to get some sleep, I did indeed reload my energy to head out on the battle field



or in our case, to explore zell






and drink some wine 😉 (don’t mind the garbage cans in the background, the wine didn’t taste like garbage at all, it was indeed very very good.)

After a nights sleep and a warriors breakfast we headed over to Cochem, a slightly bigger town, with an even bigger castle so we decided we try to fight for it.



Cochem was very cute, but the a bit to touristy for my tastebuds, but the castle was defiantly in my taste. so started our long voyage to concur it. 
IMG_3565who wouldn’t want a castle with that VIEW!

Injudiciously after a long battle, we lost the war, but the consolation prize wasn’t to shabby, a bottle of wine and some lunch looking out over the river.

IMG_0742bad picture but it was the only one that was snapped during lunch.

we headed back to our own castle, and had a night in at the hotels restaurant, with deep conversation (yes music, wine and food are deep conversation or am I wrong?) and lots of wine.

IMG_0745 and before we knew it my last my as a reigning monarch was over and it was time to be dethroned.


I saluted my castle in Zell and we started to head north.

Love                                                                                                                                                      Charlie 


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