Bra Cheese festival 2015


A few weeks back my Beau and I were invited to attend Bra cheese festival, unfortunately we could only attend one day.Bra is a small town in the piedmont district in Italy, the birthplace of slowfood and EATALY, and the district is home to, Martini,  barbaresco wine, Barbera wine , Nebbiolo wine, moscato wine, grissini bread sticks, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher, I think it safe to say its a food lovers paradise.

It’s a great place for cheese and wine lovers (the wine is not free though), you walk around the old town of bra and everywhere you look you can taste cheese from all over the world, and if you like them you can buy them.

Being a cheese lover, I must actually say that the most disgusting cheese I found was the Norwegian; its taste reminded me of the smell of old trainers (no offense Norway)

The greatest cheeses was from Switzerland, England and France

Lets take it cheese by cheese, shall we

Switzerland, I don’t have a name for this cheese, I’m sure I was informed of it sometime during the day I was there but I must have slipped my mind. Any how, it was small round, spicy and extremely expensive 18 € for a 100 grams (bring in mind that all cheeses at bra cheese festival is cheaper than in store)

England, okay from England I actually got two favorites, one was a Cornish blue, because lets face it – its one of the worlds masterpieces when it comes to cheese. The other one I once again don’t have a name, but I was a sheep cheese, wrapped in nettle leaves, it was rather hard but I melted in ones mouth, food orgasm deluxe

France, champagne and sheep cheese. No explanation needed.

Enough writing and lets look at some pictures, shall we.











of course we ended our cheesy day with some barbaresco.

Love                                                                                                                                                Charlie 


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