After a few days of drinking wine  and playing King Charlie Af Zell. we started our journey north toward the Kingdom of sweden, and more specifically Bergslagen, an old mining district in the middle of the country but so beautiful with its luminous forests and blue sky, and nature as long as your eyes can actually visionize. IMG_0749

we stayed a night at the northern sea coast in germany, before catching the ferry to the northern parts of Europe.

IMG_0756 On the ferry I  found a spot in the sun, for a few minutes.

IMG_0757 the view from  the ferry wasn’t to shabby.


we was welcome to Helsingborg by some amazing weather, and i wore my favourite outfit, i’m in love with it! best travel outfit ever, maxidress, kaftan and a vintage noe bag (THIS WILL NEVER BE A FASHIONBLOG, I PREFER FOOD AND THE ARTS WAAAY TOO MUCH )


we travelled on roads with heavy traffic, before we finally reached our destination at 11.30 pm, and it was time to hit the sack.




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