my christmas letter

so christmas eve is right around the corner and as previous years i thought i would share with you my christmas wish list, as its always something of a hit 🙂

so here is my letter to santa

Dear santa, 

I have been a very well behaved girl this year. I have worked extremely hard at university, I try to keep up with people surrounding me as much as possible, and make sure they all are doing well. My christmas list is rather eccessive and I  do not expect to recive it all in my stocking on christmas morning but maybe just one of these would be nice, you can decide which one I need the most. 🙂

  • a new phone or money for a new phone (mine unfortunately mine has decided to reduced its battery life to 3 hours, which sucks big time)
  • This blue maxi dress which is just amazeballs!
  • kyss johanna dress
  • michael kors backpack
  • giftcard at my favorite bookstore (you know which one)

I hope to see you at christmas

yours truly 

Love Charlie xx

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