12 Days of Christmas on Charlie’s world

I miss Dear spring, okay let me clarify. It was exhausting, time-consuming  and tiresome, due to writing each letter a day because writing a good quality letter with something interesting every single day through out a month.

But i loved the concept of it, so I thought I’d do something for they big man, ST. NICK, to make him feel invited into my home at christmas.

Starting tomorrow, something christmassy will appear on Charlie’s world.

It may be a poem, a DIY, a recipe, A list, A letter, A book recommendation. to sum it up it can be anything.

This time everything has all been planned out in advance, so i should be able to carry it out this time around.

I hope y’all will embrace christmas with me and welcome santa into our hearts, homes and families with the true christmas spirit!

With Love 

Charlie xx


P.S If you do make anything of my christmas celebrations –  use the the hashtag 12daysofchristmasoncharliesworld 


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