12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – spinned saffron buns filled with vanilla, pistachios and cranberries

These are the winning saffron buns of all years. They turned out moist, delicious and pretty. If you haven’t tried making saffron buns before you have to do it now – nothing tastes or smells more delicious. Happy Baking!


1 g of saffron

2 cups of milk

2 envelops of yeast

200 g butter

1 egg

0.5 tsp of salt

1.4 cups of flour

about 8 cups of flour




Vanilla extract



1 egg

This recipe was baked with dry yeast, if using fresh, heat milk to body temp. and dissolve with yeast before adding dry ingredients.

1. Mix 4 cups of flour, sugar, yeast and salt together.

2. Heat milk, saffron and butter. (body temperature )

3. Pour milk mixture over flour mixture. Add the egg.

4. Work the dough and add more flour until the dough doesn’t stick to the walls of the bowl anymore.

5. Let rise for 30 min.


6. Mix about 50 g of butter together with 1.5 tbsp of sugar and 1 tsp vanilla.

img_38767. Roll out the dough as square as possible.img_3880

8. Spread butter filling on half the dough, sprinkle with pistachios and cranberries.img_3882

9. Fold the un-buttered half over.

10. Cut in stripes, and cut the stripes in two but not all the way, looking like a pair of pants.img_3883

11. Spin the legs of the pants and fold in.

img_388412. Let rise for another 30 min.

13. Heat the oven to 440/250

14. Brush the buns with a whipped egg.

15. Bake for about 8 min.

16. Done!img_3913img_3923

Love                                                                                  Charlie xx

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