12 days of christmas – Day 6 Grav salmon

Grav salmon is traditionally a Scandinavian dish, it is an essential in the Swedish cuisine, its fresh, simple and just damn delicious. Try it, but plan ahead as it takes 4 days for the salmon to become “gravad”.



1 side of the salmon, fillet about 1, 5 kilo

1 dl of sugar

3 tbsp. of salt

1 tbsp. of black pepper

1tbsp white pepper

1 tbsp. rose pepper

Fresh dill


  1. Clean the salmon under ice-cold water, remove any small bones it may have.
  2. Put the salmon in the freezer for approximately 48 hours
  3. Let the salmon defrost in either the fridge or in a large bowl filled with ice-cold water and ice cubes.
  4. When the salmon is completely defrosted, cut into two pieces. Put salt, sugar, pepper in a pestle and pestle it until the spice mixture is all smooth.                           IMG_4375
  5. Massage the spice mixture onto all sides (not the ones covered by skin)
  6. Put the chopped dill onto the salmon sides.IMG_4376IMG_4378
  7. Put one salmon side on top of another (filet-filet)
  8. Cover with foil and keep in the fridge for 48 hours (turn it 4 times during its stay in the fridge 🙂 )
  9. Scrape away the spice mixture and cut into thin slices, garnish with lemon slices.                                                                                                  IMG_4392

Love                                                                                                     Charlie XX                                                                                              hohoho


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