Happy Valentine’s day

Valentines day has turned into one of the most hated holidays. People say, “It’s not an important holiday, it just makes people feel bad if they don’t have a Valentine”, or “Why don’t we just love everyday?” and the biggest critics say, “It’s just a holiday that women made up so that they can get flowers and jewelry and candy.” With all that said, I stand my ground, Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. A day dedicated to love. A day full of butterflies. A day in which you are given the chance to tell that special person that you love them. What people seem to have forgotten is that you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate this amazing holiday. Boys, if you don’t have a date this February 14th, call your mom and tell her she’s your valentine, I promise it will make her day or even her week. Ladies, if you’re dateless this Valentine’s day send your dad a thank you text for all he does for you. Have a girls sleepover and eat candy hearts, watch every Nicholas Sparks movie there is, and yes, you can pretend Ryan Gosling is your valentine. There are so many ways you can spread love, and this holiday gives you the opportunity to be happy, silly, cheesy, and a complete lovable fool. You can help your best friend set up the perfect date for her boyfriend. Maybe you send a card to that crush that you haven’t had the guts to talk to. Valentines day is about the little things. It can be about making a strangers day, buying a homeless man a meal, asking your grandparents how they met, finding joy from other people’s happiness. So often we make the mistake of thinking that it’s about jewelry, huge gestures, and spending as much money as you can… that couldn’t be more wrong. Last Valentine’s Day I made that same assumption. I spent the entire day waiting for this huge gift… “I wonder if he’s getting me one of those life sized bears? Or maybe a huge bouquet of roses? No he’s definitely going to get me lots and lots of candy, the kind that says be mine, and kiss me on it!” As you can guess, I never got a human sized bear, nor did I get a huge bouquet of flowers, and I didn’t get those heart shaped candies I really wanted. And before you think “ what the heck man, what were ya thinking?” (Which I definitely thought that day), I realize, I spent that whole day waiting and thinking about myself that I didn’t realized all the little things he did for me. He woke me up at 6am because he knows I love sunrises (I was busy thinking about how tired I was),he made sure he got me oatmeal because he knows that’s my favorite breakfast, he took me to get pizza for dinner (I actually didn’t complain about that because there’s no way I can be sad while eating pizza), he took me to an old movie theater to see It happened one night because he knows I love that movie, basically I was too blinded by what I though Valentine’s day was supposed to look like that I didn’t enjoy all the love that was given to me that day. And yes, it doesn’t hurt to get me flowers and the candies and he probably should have but this year and all the years to come I will be thankful for sunrises and warm oatmeal. So I challenge everyone, let’s change the stereotype that Valentine’s Day has been given. Let’s love and be loved. Let’s take matters into our own hands. This Valentine’s Day, let’s spread SOOOO much love that the whole world will feel it. And, if you don’t have a Valentine, I’m all yours!  Sending lots of kisses and hugs your way, and keep on spreading the love!

Love                                                                                                                                                                         Charlie xx




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