Swiss Rösti with beluga Caviar, red onions and sour cream


First recipe post of 2016! and its one of my all time favourites!

swiss rösti with beluga caviar is my all time favorite meal, I could eat it for dinner, lunch and breakfast  but the only problem is Beluga caviar is freakishly expensive, so lets just say I don’t eat this as often as I would wish.

this recipe is for 4 starters or two entreesIMG_4586



6 big potatoes

0,5 yellow onion

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp olive oil

05 tsp salt

a pinch of pepper


  1.  Peel potatoes and onions.
  2.  Chop the onion or shred it finely.
  3. Grate potatoes coarsely and place in a colander.
  4. Rinse the potatoes in cold water.
  5. Mix the grated potatoes, onion and salt in a bowl.
  6. Heat a large frying pan or two smaller pans.
  7. Add the butter and olive oil.
  8. Divide the potato mixture into the pan (pans) in an even layer and flatten to about 1.5 to 2 cm thick.
  9. Fry the potatoes with the lid for approximatley 5 minutes on maximum heat
  10. Remove the lid and continue frying voice over medium heat for 10 minutes. Be careful not burn potatoes (lower heat).
  11. when the potatoes get brown color and gets a hard crust so that the grated potatoes sticks together. Flatten the potatoes with a spatula. Shake the pan to loosen the potatoes.
  12.  Turn the rösti in the air or turn gently with a spatula.
  13. Continue frying the Rösti for 10 minutes on medium heat until nicely browned underneath, and the potatoes are soft. You can also finish up the cooking in the oven  for about 15 minutes at 200 degrees
  14. serve with beluga, chopped red onion and sour cream.
  15. enjoy! IMG_4587



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