Appreciation of life 

This time last year I was planning for “dear spring” even though I really liked it it was too much work, try writing a letter everyday for a month, it’s not really easy. very  time consuming! 

Anyway today as I had a girls day with a dear friend of mine, I could really feel the spring. The Sun was shining and I could feel the heat from its rays, how I have missed them. 

The fact that spring and sunshine is in the air made me so so happy, it’s like I’m living on a cloud. I really appreciate these days, what was a gloomy morning at university with an exam became a wonderful day with one of my best friends, eating lunch in the sun, before actually picking up a few essentials. 

I’m so fortunate for the life I’m living, I have the greatest parents in the world, an amazing sister, a wonderful boyfriend, the best friends a girl can ask for. I’m a university student and I often take it for granted, all the wonderful things I have in life! But I do appreciate everything everyone does for me! Love you all to death!


Charlie xx



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