I’m currently sitting on my yoga mat, with my laptop in my knees and i should be studying but i’m so sick of it. Today is one of those days I just want to get my degree and actually start working and I do know that the only way to do so is actually by doing the work, reading the books, solve the cases and get my degree in hand and find myself a job. It’s not that i don’t like what i’m actually studying, just that at times it gets bit much.

I must actually be the most divided person in the world, I have four very different dreams, all extremely diverse (Dissociative identity disorder here ,jokes), but in the end I always find myself wanting to work as a psychologist, good thing I’m getting a degree in psychology. I might have several dreams but I don’t even think thats a bad idea, perhaps it may bode well for me and help me in life. I do not know what the future holds for me, but truth be told I don’t want to know, I’m finally in a tranquil state, I’m at peace with myself and I do not care about what others say anymore.                                                                             My personality is too intense for my own good and I have finally accepted that, I care too much, I love too much, I will go infinite lengths for the people I love and when I fall, I fall  too hard and I struggle to get to get up on top once again. I do know this is my weakest and most fragile personality trait as well as my strongest and most passionate trait, and sometimes it get a bit much and i can get too emotional for nothing at all.

maybe it’s time to get back to those books now and actully do some studying.


Charlie xx

SAM_2220-6 some valentines day treats I  did 🙂





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