22 and confused

22 and confused. 22 and happy. 22 and hopeful. 22 and scared. 22 and me. It’s a weird age, I’m stuck between watching vampire diaries while eating kraft mac and cheese, but also study for classes, and somehow figure out what I’m gonna do with my life. I’m a psychology major. I can’t begin to express how privileged I am to be here, even though I have no certainties of becoming a good psychologist. I’ve learned so many things not just school related but also about myself.

When you’re 22 you’re expected to know all of these ”adult” things, yet you just entered ”adulthood”. I’m in the process of learning about how expensive EVERYTHING is. It’s just a completely different world from the way I grew up and it makes me feel panicked trying to discover what my career will be. The other day I even found myself (pathetically) googling what jobs would fit my astrological sign best…22 and desperate for stability. I’m the girl who wants to change the world but I’ve also realized that I’m not exceptionally talented at anything, yet I’m surrounded by phenomenally gifted people, my dad is and has been the best dad one can imagine, my boyfriend is a entrepreneur and has a bright future, my sister is a genius, my mom is an not only a superhero but also a career woman who always was there to support me. I could go on and on. There is this pressure to make a name for myself but the only compliments I get are ”We love Charlie she’s so so nice!”, ”You are so good with kids!’, ”Charlie, you can literally talk to anyone.”, ”You have great energy and such a big heart!”. 22 and good at being nice? So what career can I choose where I am just friendly to people all day but also make a ton of money? Let me know if you think of something because I’m lost. That being said, I know it will all work out. Being 22 is scary but it’s also a really hopeful time. I’m at an age where it’s okay to believe that the sky is the limit. I’m madly in love, , I’m learning the most incredible things at school and I have you guys, the incredible people that care enough to read my blog! So I’m going to enjoy all the uncertainty. Who says I can’t be a mom, or a psychologist, or a national geographic photographer, or a Victoria Secret model, or the president, or a businesswomen, or an author, the sky’s the limit right?

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