leaving 22 behind

My birthday is coming up in a few days and it always gets me thinking, and reflecting on my life and the year that has passed. I often set up goals I would like to achieve with in the following year, I guess its something similar to a new years resolution. This past year has been a good year, it has been a bad year, it has been a year filled of sorrow and happiness, it has been a year of personal growth and change.

22 has been a weird age, it has been an age where I have felt rather stuck and lost in life, it’s a bit as standing and tread in slough, you don’t get anywhere. It has been a year of personal growth, I have always been in a hurry in life to get on to the next passage, to get on with life and never actually stopped and enjoyed it. After standing and trading for months and months, I realized I don’t want to go anywhere I want to enjoy life, I want to take in these moments I actually have of being young and stupid. I’m perfectly content where I’m today what come tomorrow might be better but it might be worse, but when it do come I will be ready to handle that, because I’ll actually have enjoyed this part of life and be content to move on.

This year I have fought through several courses, exams and seminars and my degree is actually coming to an end, or at least I can see the beginning to see the end of it and when I reach the end of the tunnel I will be ready to take on future challenges.

This year I had to say goodbye to my baby boy and knight in shining armor, my husky, Bart. He was an amazing little fella, who was my trusting partner, he motivated me to run faster and longer, in heat and cold. The fact that he is gone still hits me every time I go for a run. People who never have had a dog, often just say “it was just a dog” well they are mistaken, every dog is special, has its own personality and behaves differently, but when you love a dog and treats it with love, it will go out of this world to protect and love you.FullSizeRender

22 was the age I was when I broke my left leg, when I was up hiking and got to ride a helicopter to the hospital, it’s a long story I still need to share with you, it’s a good one.

Now lets take a look on some photos of how 22 looks like. Before I welcome 23.

90 walked through this entrance one to many times, at least one can say that my entrance is rather enchanting.

IMG_8743 fell in love with lake como during an early morning run. 

FullSizeRender-2 did a lot of studying with these gurls….

IMG_4208  spent a lot of time on horseback, and even tried western, quite a difference from riding english

travelled back to my parents place for my summer holiday…. IMG_8772

which was mostly spent at our incredible lake houseIMG_3983 my parents puppy (okay he’s ten but still a cutie pie)IMG_3947 where one wakes up to this scenery every morningIMG_3790  and it ain’t summer without the occasional boat ride

as I got back to uni for the fall semester the first thing I did was to eat some fresh caught fish, and drink a glass of wine….


As the fall semester came to an end, it meant it was time to travel up north for christmas in some colder climates. IMG_9982


IMG_4428 me and my little puppy


Charlie xx  

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