DIY : Easter Bunny Decoration

DSC_7386-758x1024Happy Holy Thursday!                                                                                                                              Today marks the beginning of Easter, and I think we all look forward to this coming Easter Sunday, when the Easter finally arrives and well, we all can dig into all of that CANDY (or I know that I am) he brought us.                                                                                                                    I’m not a big Easter fan, it doesn’t have that spirit you get at Christmas time, but I thought I would try to get a bit more into Easter by turning our home into an Easter-land, and the first thing one need while creating an Easter-land is, the Easter bunny.

What you need:

– Birch twigs

– Steel wire

-Something to cut the wire with

– Silk ribbon

Take a bundle of sticks and tie them together with steel wire, making two circles, one a little larger oval and a smaller round one.


For the ears, take a bundle of sticks and tie them together with steel wire, put them together at the top and bottom as big you want them, remove any bits standing out.

Tie together body and head, then tie the ears. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the rabbit, Then you just hang it on the door or on a wall!





Love,                                                                                                                                                                             Charlie xx


For whom the bells tolls – book review

People either hate or love this novel. I loved it, I think it one of the best novels Hemmingway has ever written. “for whom the bells tolls”, however, was one of those classics that was so perfect, so profoundly moving and yet just so enjoyable to read, that I can’t comprehend the negative review. Like “Anna Karenina,” crime and punishment”, or “native son,” its one of those cornerstones of literature that utterly justified its spot in the cannon. The characters were perfectly wrought, and achingly human, with each life being so significant and yet miniscule in the face of war.
It’s true that Hemingway can’t write a real woman to save his life (Pilar is fantastic, but he writes her as a man), and Maria’s adoration of Robert get tiresome, but really that is the only false note in this novel. For everyone who complains about the stilted dialogue, the dialogue is one of the strokes of absolute genius. Yes it sounds unnatural , but that’s because Hemingway is perfectly capturing how people who don’t speak the same native language communicate – the dialogue is actually in Spanish between the American Robert and the Spanish guerrillas.

charlie xx


Sundays are calm days yet it’s a day that often put stress on people well I tend to avoid that stress by keeping myself occupied with different activities. 

This morning my beau and I travelled to a town some distance away to attend a farmers market for farmers, where they sell animals, tractors and different farming  equipment. My boyfriend is obsessed with getting himself a few hens and turkeys and well my dream is to get myself a little horsey. 


      ” hi there little one, want to come home to Casa Charlie?” 
    Clear blue skies
 ” ohi is that a carrot you have for me?”

In all, a very calm and peaceful day, hope all of my wonderful readers have had an equally peaceful day ❤️




Happy Saturday, 

Today hasn’t been an eventful day. Truth be told it has been a rather lazy Saturday. This morning I did some chores I have avoided during this past week ergo cleaned, washed and did the laundry. 

After a delicious pasta for lunch , my beau and I headed outdoors to go for a hike in the nice spring weather.  



Now time for a cup of tea and strawberry and lemon sponge cake (which I baked late last night). Tonight dinner  is being replaced by a veggie juice as I need to clean my body a bit 🙂  




as y’all know I have been absent from Charlie’s World the last week and the reason is simple, I have been skiing, eating knödel and cake for a week in the Alps. 

I have been raised on skis and its when I stand on a pair of skis I am in my personal paradise. The mountains, the snow, the speed, the colors, the fact that one can touch the clouds and almost fly away on them makes you feel invincible. 

Here are a few pictures from my week in the mountains    

    Austrian knödel is the best! 

  Did I mention that it snowed a loooot? 

     The view from my bedroom, pretty enchanting….
   Winter wonderland calls for playtime in the snow 


I’m sorry that the quality of the pictures ain’t up to standard but they are all iPhone pictures, I didn’t  bring my big camera.


Charlie xx