as y’all know I have been absent from Charlie’s World the last week and the reason is simple, I have been skiing, eating knödel and cake for a week in the Alps. 

I have been raised on skis and its when I stand on a pair of skis I am in my personal paradise. The mountains, the snow, the speed, the colors, the fact that one can touch the clouds and almost fly away on them makes you feel invincible. 

Here are a few pictures from my week in the mountains    

    Austrian knödel is the best! 

  Did I mention that it snowed a loooot? 

     The view from my bedroom, pretty enchanting….
   Winter wonderland calls for playtime in the snow 


I’m sorry that the quality of the pictures ain’t up to standard but they are all iPhone pictures, I didn’t  bring my big camera.


Charlie xx 


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