Best place to be seen 

There’s no point in doing homework unless you get seen doing it. That’s why the best corner to work in is at the counter of the Willoughby’s  

Here, your dedication and resilience are on display for the world to see. A thin wall of glass separates you from passersby, hardly enough of a barrier to hide your achievements. Defeated grad students on their way to A&A can’t escape your commitment to higher learning. Your peers hustling to class are reminded of their shortcomings with a quick glance at your perfect posture and unparalleled focus.

Why work in a dark corner of a library when you could be basking in your own glory? Why not share your pride with the community? Why deprive people of your exemplary behavior?

Don’t be shy. Be the change. Step right in, order an iced chai, and let the eyes of the world turn to you.


Charlie xx


Hey all, 

This past week I haven’t been up to anything interesting, I have been at university, I have studied, and just been. 

I have enjoyed sometime by myself and with my friends. 

It has been a rather pleasant week and it has been rather calm, I haven’t much to complain about. 

Today I was supposed to have classes until 5 pm, but my afternoon got cancelled. 

I decided it was time to go on a search of new pants, which I still haven’t found, but I will… Some day. Not today though 

I ate lunch at my favorite French cafè. 

Today’s lunch consisted of, a glass of water, vegetable rice, a greate biography, sun and warmth….

To be followed by a French apple tart, which always taste like a little piece of heaven 

I love the company of my friends but sometimes I just love to have some Charlie-time. I think it’s important to be comfortable to be by oneself at times. Friends might come and go, but the only one that remains is always you. So I will adore myself, without sounding egocentric and sometimes treat myself to spend time by myself with a good book, which is my very favorite pastime, especially with classical music in my ears. 


Charlie xx

Good morning and happy Monday! 

How come the weekend always passes in the blink of an eye? 

Maybe it’s because one always has a million things to do and just so little time. 

This weekend was extremely productive and somewhat boring…

I actually went through my closet and threw out a lot of clothes that have become to big for me ( a post about this will become published later this week), I washed them and stowed them away for the time being, as they shall be sent off to Africa and given to the less fortunate (a university project). 

My closet became very clean and neat, it’s actually nice to be able to find everything properly without going through half my closet. 

After cleaning my closet I went on to my book shelf, and went through notes and books from the last couple of university years ( but I can’t see what I need and not so it remains at its current state for a while longer). 

Isn’t these bushes the cutest? Gonna snap some good photos from this park some day, so you will see it’s amazingness! 

 Now I shall get ready for a new week, surprisingly excited for this week. 



Good morning all! 

It’s Friday morning, yaaay! I’m already in the library after a good 3 hours of sleep( and what feels like a gallon of coffee) suddenly not so yaaay…

Yesterday evening I attended a book presentation of a acquaintance of mine, followed by drinks with his lovely daughter who just got back after a good two years in Australia, she had lots of amazing stories to share, one involving her running from a very viscous kangaroo… Maybe I will get her to write it for Charlie’s world. Anyhow it was a night filled with laughter and maybe one too many drinks before the two of us crashed together in her very tiny bed. 

Now back to my essay writing and studying ( and dreaming of Milan, it’s strange to think that earlier this week I was studying in Milan, now I’m studying in a boring university library) 


Charlie xx


I’m currently on my last University semester (!) which means my days aren’t as crammed up with classes they once were, ergo I actually have the opportunity to have a life. Earlier this week my beau needed to attend some meetings in Milano, and he asked me if I wanted to tag along, me not having class that day said yes (I figured I could study in Milan aswell). So we headed over to Milan for a wonderful 6 hours.  While my Beau, attended to his business, I made my way through to the DUOMO, and what might be one of the most incredible shopping malls I have ever witnessed, where I sat down at a cafe ordered a coffee and took up my textbooks and read studied criminology in one of the most amazing scenerys I have ever studied in. 

Before I knew it, my beau had finished his meetings and we had time for an aperitivo before it was time to leave Milan behind…for this time



Happy late Sunday…. 

It’s Sunday evening, already seriously? It feels like it was Monday morning yesterday. 

This weekend has been extremely busy, I have studied, cured a hangover, been out with friends, hung out with my boyfriends family, eaten lunch at his grandmothers, been to ikea, studied, completed my leadership essay (hopefully), and in the end I do not even have one picture to show you guys but tomorrow we have Monday morning and a new start, hopefully a calmer week. 


Charlie (who’s dreaming of warmer days) 


Library and food 

  I’m currently in the library working on my leadership paper, which I actually don’t mind as I find my leadership course extremely interesting and useful. But being cooped up in a library has it advantages and its disadvantages, I for some strange reason get very creative in the library ( ergo I should build one in my bedroom) but having been here for a while I’m dreaming about food and wine, and imagining dinner at one of my favorite restaurants I had the other day, before heading to the the old retro cinema watching Casablanca, which by some way is always astonishing. 
So I’m currently dreaming of this; 

  Mushroom and black truffles risotto   

Amazing wine 

Saffron and Scottish smoked salmon risotto 


Just another photo of an amazing glass of wine


Before moving on to the best dessert in the world, strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate flakes…. 

Well now I guess I should get back to my leadership paper

Ps. This is an iPhone post