Library and food 

  I’m currently in the library working on my leadership paper, which I actually don’t mind as I find my leadership course extremely interesting and useful. But being cooped up in a library has it advantages and its disadvantages, I for some strange reason get very creative in the library ( ergo I should build one in my bedroom) but having been here for a while I’m dreaming about food and wine, and imagining dinner at one of my favorite restaurants I had the other day, before heading to the the old retro cinema watching Casablanca, which by some way is always astonishing. 
So I’m currently dreaming of this; 

  Mushroom and black truffles risotto   

Amazing wine 

Saffron and Scottish smoked salmon risotto 


Just another photo of an amazing glass of wine


Before moving on to the best dessert in the world, strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate flakes…. 

Well now I guess I should get back to my leadership paper

Ps. This is an iPhone post 






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