I’m currently on my last University semester (!) which means my days aren’t as crammed up with classes they once were, ergo I actually have the opportunity to have a life. Earlier this week my beau needed to attend some meetings in Milano, and he asked me if I wanted to tag along, me not having class that day said yes (I figured I could study in Milan aswell). So we headed over to Milan for a wonderful 6 hours.  While my Beau, attended to his business, I made my way through to the DUOMO, and what might be one of the most incredible shopping malls I have ever witnessed, where I sat down at a cafe ordered a coffee and took up my textbooks and read studied criminology in one of the most amazing scenerys I have ever studied in. 

Before I knew it, my beau had finished his meetings and we had time for an aperitivo before it was time to leave Milan behind…for this time



4 thoughts on “Milano

    1. Charlotte K

      Thank you love!! I use a canon eos rebel T3i , it’s rather big and a Canon EF 17-40mm USM lens! I really like it but sometimes it’s a bit to big so I always need to carry a rather large bag with me.
      Hope that might help you! Don’t ever hesitate to ask 🙂
      Xx Charlie

      1. Thanks so much 🙂 I’m looking to buy a new camera, and trying to find the best option. I think I will definitely go with a Canon. But, I too must invest in a bigger bag as well haha. Goodluck on your last semester!

      2. Charlotte K

        One can never have to many bags 😉 haha
        Well it’s an endless market when it comes to photography. I love my canon and it still works perfectly after 4 years!
        Thank you
        Charlie xx

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