Good morning and happy Monday! 

How come the weekend always passes in the blink of an eye? 

Maybe it’s because one always has a million things to do and just so little time. 

This weekend was extremely productive and somewhat boring…

I actually went through my closet and threw out a lot of clothes that have become to big for me ( a post about this will become published later this week), I washed them and stowed them away for the time being, as they shall be sent off to Africa and given to the less fortunate (a university project). 

My closet became very clean and neat, it’s actually nice to be able to find everything properly without going through half my closet. 

After cleaning my closet I went on to my book shelf, and went through notes and books from the last couple of university years ( but I can’t see what I need and not so it remains at its current state for a while longer). 

Isn’t these bushes the cutest? Gonna snap some good photos from this park some day, so you will see it’s amazingness! 

 Now I shall get ready for a new week, surprisingly excited for this week. 




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