Hey all, 

This past week I haven’t been up to anything interesting, I have been at university, I have studied, and just been. 

I have enjoyed sometime by myself and with my friends. 

It has been a rather pleasant week and it has been rather calm, I haven’t much to complain about. 

Today I was supposed to have classes until 5 pm, but my afternoon got cancelled. 

I decided it was time to go on a search of new pants, which I still haven’t found, but I will… Some day. Not today though 

I ate lunch at my favorite French cafè. 

Today’s lunch consisted of, a glass of water, vegetable rice, a greate biography, sun and warmth….

To be followed by a French apple tart, which always taste like a little piece of heaven 

I love the company of my friends but sometimes I just love to have some Charlie-time. I think it’s important to be comfortable to be by oneself at times. Friends might come and go, but the only one that remains is always you. So I will adore myself, without sounding egocentric and sometimes treat myself to spend time by myself with a good book, which is my very favorite pastime, especially with classical music in my ears. 


Charlie xx

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