I actually do not have anything at all to tell you, my days are pretty much the same. 

rainy days calls for pinks umbrellas

University, university and university. It’s a place I can almost call home because I spend so much time there I know the names of the janitors children, I know the marital problems of the librarian. But I don’t mind actually, I like hanging out in our old college library, feeling the smell of old books, seeing the walls covered with books. It’s not even the studying I do mind, I like what I do study. It’s the stress and anxiety of exams and the fact that a bad grade can determine my whole future, it all gets to me in an unhealthy matter. 

I miss having a life, I miss September, the beginning of the school year, after class drinks, dinner with your college buddies and just having a bit of chill time. 

I miss it. Now internships, graduation, thesis, the future and  further education are all thoughts covering my mind. My future is unknown and it is terrifying and I wish I could predict the future ( a psychologist is not a psychic) but I cannot.

Everything will figure itself out, I’m sure of it. I don’t know where I will be in 5 years, hell I don’t know where I will be in 1 year, but I’m sure of something and that is I will achieve greatness, it might not be measured in wealth but I know my future withholds the possibility to help others and that thought satisfies me, and I will take that over a Chanel bag! 



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