Weekend lullaby 

Why can’t one have weekends all weeklong? 

It would be a dream of mine, I really appreciate my weekends of doing absolutely nothing, or nothing to serious. 

Do you want to come along and get a peek into the amazing weekend I just lived, which I would like to relive

Late Saturday was spent at the gym together with a friend of mine. She had the splendid idea of doing an advanced boxing class, my legs still hurt like shit…. 

We were greeted with this wall decoration as we entered the Gym…. To say the least it wasn’t easy… 

I’m not a gym addict, sure I like to workout, but I’m not in there 7 days a week. I usually work out 3-5 times a week, depending on my workouts ( I do anything from yoga, to running, boxing, horseback riding) 

After an intense workout we headed back home for some dinner, wine, Netflix and girl time. 

Sunday morning means that you are authorized to have a lazy morning in bed, drinking coffee in bed while listening to some good music. I’m currently obsessed with Jesse Macht, he has an incredible voice check him out. 
Before heading out for more coffee (preferably instafriendly coffee) and whoopies at the closest coffee shop 

Before heading home, doing absolutely nothing. 



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