Switching it up

Buddy and I

Today I switched horses with a friend of mine. 

Riding other horses can increase your understanding of the animal and its behavior and make you a better equestrian, so every now and again I ride other horses. 

Buddy is a nice horse but I must confess I prefer my little horsey is a better match for me. We have a better connection, but then again after 3 years of working together that’s what expected. 

2 thoughts on “Switching it up

    1. Charlotte K

      Horses probably are my biggest passion in life. They are wonderful creatures to work with, couldn’t live without them but then again I fell in love with my first one at the age of one, so I’m not very impartial…
      Tell me what you think about them, when you have your first interaction with them 🙂
      Xx Charlie

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