Interview with Mr F ( my dog) 

I know that I am extremely partial to this statement, but it’s true, I have the worlds greatest dog. 

So I thought I might present him to you by interviewing him. 

He is an 11 year old puppy from New Foundland and his name is mr F. He is the sweetest, hungriest and craziest dog on this planet. 

Everything with him is an adventure. 
” hi there mr Figurd, how is life going?”

” I can’t complain. I love being at the country side in our house there, so I can go for long swims. Especially as I need to save my toys that for some pericular reason always find them self in the water in need of savor. At least I’m a Newfie so I swim fast. I leave my owners miles behind me ( then I go back and try to save them)” 

” I hear you like it when I’m at home” 

” I do! It’s the best part of summer. You have an countless amount of energy and can run and play with me for hours and hours. Then you cook a lot, which I don’t mind either. 

I only have two complaints, one I wonder why you disappear from time to time. Two, I must confess I like it when we share the bed but seriously can’t you sleep on the floor at times? I need the entire bed for myself! I need my beauty sleep”

” so mr F I heard a rumor that you are quite the thief, does it lie any truth in this statement”

” seriously. No not at all. You see my owners are stupid. They leave bread, cookies, and cinnamon buns on the kitchen counter, what do they expect. Of course I take it when I have the chance!”

” I heard another story about you and a little girl” 

” oh you mean that incident”

“Please do tell us” 

” well mom, dad and I were all on or way home from the countryside, and well they had me walking without a leash because I’m so well behaved, in the foyer of our building. We were standing there waiting for the elevator and the door opens and there was a little browned hair girl holding a sandwich in her hands right infront of my nose. And I couldn’t help myself. ” 

” what did she say” 

“She was terrified and started to cry” 

” I hope you apologized” 

” I did and I bought her a book, but she still is afraid of me. I’m very ashamed of myself. I would like to play with her, but she still is rather angry and scared of me

Thank you so much mr F, for you very expensive time. Now go ahead and eat some truffle salami

If you insist, and it was my pleasure

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