November weekend

This weekend has been very nice and calm, no major parties or events but just hang outs with my beau and our friends. 

The sun has blessed us with sunshine, so the cold has not been as noticeable, or it might be because I finally retrived my winter jacket from the back of my closet. 

Beautiful fall days spent outside, running in beautiful parks are truley priceless.

This weekend has given me a lot of time for my friends, my beautiful A. Someone who I can talk to for hours and hours, a gurl who never lacks energy and drags you out of bed at 7 am on a Saturday with coffee before making you go for a 5 K run. 

This weekend I made my famous chocolate cake. And there is always time for chocolate cake.

Sundays mornings rituals cappuccinos and croissants at a small French café close to home. 


Obligatory cappuccino lip photo 😉 



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