My Christmas wish list

Christmas is not far away now, and people is starting to nag me about what I want for Christmas, so instead of telling each and everyone out there I will just write a blog post about it, and a hint is number 1 is what I want the most.

Truth be told I don’t need anything for Christmas nor do I have any specific ‘wants’ this year apart from a ginnoumus christmas tree and a lot of snow and many good books to read.

  1. books books books.

If you ask me the perfect gift is a book (or an entire library). Books give me happiness, I can leave this world for brief a period of time, I can be in Tolstoy’s Russia, Fitzgerald’s New York or Steinbeck’s Salinas valley (a few ideas include :  collected stories by Eudora Welty, Games of Thrones series (read them but I wish to reread them, plus i want them in my library), The Sympathizer by
Viet Thanh Nguyen, plus a million others).

image This would be a dream! A reading area / library. One day….

2. This knit sweater from River island


3. This leopard patterned  skirt  river island


4. This horse shirt from Gant. Isn’t it just too cute. Did i ever mention i like horses?

no? I looove them.


5. Ski backpack from Burton





Charlie xx

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