weekly food inspiration

Hello Monday,

Christmas is upon us and i’m starting to feel the stress. i have a million of things to conclude before Christmas and just about so much time. oh well what I am able to do I will manage but it will all figure itself out somehow, I  might have to reduce my sleep but it will all worth it in the end.

Monday’s are the days where inspiration for cooking seem to disappear so I thought I would share some good recipes here on my happy place and inspire you to get back into the kitchen.



Meatloaf  is a really great food, its filling and a good dinner. depending on how many one are, this might be dinner for more than one day in the week – i just love leftovers. they often taste even better. And lets face it – one can never go wrong with meatloaf.

Grav salmon 


Grav Salmon  is a delicacy it has got an amazing taste to it. and its not hard to do  yourself, you just leave it in the fridge for a few days. one must plan ahead but other than that this recipe is easy peasy.

Swiss Rösti


swiss rösti is one of those plates that get me faint, especially with beluga. its so scrumptious that i almost falls off my chair. its fairly easy to make.This is the perfect friday dinner, with some great wines.


Red lentil and sweet potato soup


red lentil and sweet potato soup is a fast, filling and warm winter serving for those cold winter days that finally has hit.

chèvre chaud with strawberry salsa 


This chèvre chaud is a bit different from the ones, we usually get when we order food from our local french café. it has a spicy and sweet strawberry salsa, which makes it so much more interesting. in the recipe link this is made from a baguette but i often change the baguette to a Pain de campagne, french country style bread, and make a couple of oven baked sandwiches, its perfect for those days when one are beat and just want some cheesy comfort food – this is comfort food alright but french style.


Charlie xx





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