Charlie’s Advent calendar: Day 5 – A Christmas Story From Middle School

i’m going to share a story i wrote for my english class when i was about 12 years old so please be gentle with me. This is embarrassing to publish and share with the internet but a bit of shame never hurt anyone , did it?

IMG_9982 Now this gal, is about to seek a good hiding place and come back tomorrow. 

Rudolph and Elfie saves the Christmas

Once upon a time there was a man named Nicholas, he lived on the North Pole with his wife and their 10 children. Nicholas was a very happy, fat old man, with a long white beard. He is also a very nice old man, every Christmas he gave all the children worldwide a present if they had been good.

On the other side of earth, in Korea, lived a horrible woman, Ching Li, she was a small, thin and black-haired woman, no one liked her and her dictatorship, she had decided banish Christmas this year.

Nicholas was busy in his super-secret workshop (therefore there is no description of it) making Christmas presents for all children in the world. He had just finished making a very soft and cuddly teddy bear to Maximilian 5 years in Austria when his oldest son Elfie made his entrance in his workshop. Elfie was a very short man, he also have a long beard not as long as Nicholas.

“Hello father” said Elfie as he made his entrance.

“Good day son! Have you taken care of the reindeers yet? Asked Nicholas and started hammering up a big doll house.

“Yes I have. Yesterday evening when I was on the pub together with some mates, someone whispered in my ear that ch…..” Nicholas interrupted his son and said.

“Now son, I don’t believe on some town rumor”

“But father I really think this is important” Elfie carried on.

“There´s a time and place for everything and this is not a good time, I have to finish all these presents that I will give away on Christmas Eve.” Said Nicholas

“Sure but dad, I think this is true and it’s important so I think we ought to talk to night” Elfie said when he left the workshop.

As Elfie left the workshop, as he left, the green rug at the entrance was stuck so the door didn’t lock, which Father Christmas workshop always has to be. With the door unlocked it made it possible for an intruder to access his workshop which is one of the most serious crimes you can do On the North Pole. As the door was unlocked a smart ninja named Henri walked into the workshop without making any noise. Henri climbed on the walls towards his target Santa Claus!!! What on earth just happened, who would like to do something to Santa?!

The ninja gave him a shot of some sort of poison, that made him forget who he is and followed the ninja out to his  jet black helicopter. When Mrs. Christmas heard the propellers starting, she and Elfie rushed out and saw him go into the helicopter without any struggle.

“NNOOOOOOOOOO!!” Mrs. Christmas screamed

“Take it easy mommy” said Elfie.

“Why doesn’t he practice as he preaches? He always says that you can’t trust a ninja!” Mrs. Claus said.

“Take it easy mommy, I’ll know where he is, don’t ask, it’s a long story and a helicopter goes must faster that Rudolph. Said Elfie

Elfie walked towards the stable, when Rudolph came running towards him, he knew that something was wrong with Nicholas and he had to save him. He stopped besides Elfie and Elfie stoke his red nose and said “you are always ready to go the extra mile Rudolph, aren’t you?” Rudolph answered with horse like sound.

Elfie jumped up on Rudolph’s back and of they were, and on their way to Korea and rescue Santa Claus. When they were outside Ching Li´s house Elfie and Rudolph say a lot of ninjas guarding the house. So they had to come up with a plan how to save Father Christmas. Which was not an easy thing to do, but after a few hours of thinking, they realized that Rudolph could fly on the balcony on the house with Elfie on his back and sneak into the house and save Nicholas.

So that’s what they did, and so they were in the house and now the search for Santa Claus begun. They search for him for hours until they finally found him, guarded by a dragon. So how would Elfie and Rudolph save Father Christmas now? Elfie remembered that he had a can of pepper spray in his pocket, so he walked toward the dragon, sprayed his eyes, the dragon screamed of pain and fainted. Then he ran to his father and untied the ropes around his father’s ankles, they ran to Rudolph jumped up on his back but then the dragon had woken up from its 5 minutes long coma and as Rudolph took his jump the dragon blew fire from his mouth which unfortunately, started a fire on Rudolph’s tail. As they flew away Santa Claus shouted “Oh there we got away just by the sweat of his brow”. Rudolph didn’t care that he was on fire; he just wanted to go home to his stable, which they soon were. When they got home Rudolph’s tail was treated, and that Christmas when Santa Claus travelled around the world giving away presents he told how he was saved by Rudolph who was home, with an aching tail and his son Elfie .



Charlie xx



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