Charlie’s Advent Calendar : Day 8 – Hot Chocolate With A Twist

img_6856what would winter and Christmas be with out hot chocolate? boring and savory… blah

I love chocolate in its many forms, and i want to enjoy as many hot chocolates I can before spring is here.

During Christmas its the also the prime season for oranges, so i though why not combine the two and make a orange hot chocolate

  1. cut the top off the orange and with a spoon, get the orange out of it, we only want the skin. it should look like thisimg_6852
  2. in a pot, bring your milk, cocoa and sugar to boil (I use a lot of cocoa and no sugar, I want mine as chocolaty as possible).
  3. pour into the orange and add a straw and you are done!
  4. enjoy and don’t burn your tongue (I just did that)

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