Charlie’s Advent Calendar : Day 10 – GINGERBREAD HOUSE


lets just call this the house of horrors

Every year I long for the time I can bake gingerbread men and build a gingerbread house. I love the idea of it but real life situation its all blah.

I invite my friends over to bake with me, we all are energized and happy to start to bake, but five minutes in everyone is throwing a fit, having issues on how the house shall look like and the house turns out a disaster and as its done everyone abandons me to bake out the cookies alone while they all watch sound of music.

Then the next year I do it again.Why? Because I love the idea of it, but next year I do need to remember to make it myself if I want a beautiful looking house and not one that seems to come straight out from a halloween movie.





Charlie xx


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