Charlie’s Advent Calendar: Day 11 Letter to Santa


me on Christmas morning

Dear Santa,

I know I’m probably too old to still believe in you, I know you don’t.

I know my parents, my relatives and other family members are the ones who have read my letters that I sent you and then spoilt me with gifts and thoughts.

It’s the magic of the idea of you brings I still believe in.

That everything should be white from the snow, the twinkling lights hanging in the trees and on the houses and in the store windows, music playing and people singing on the streets, the people get friendlier and calmer, the hectic days become calmer and everything becomes about family and friends. The people we all love and cherish, the profound meaning with life itself.

You can call me childish but I still believe in you – maybe not you in flesh and blood flying your reindeers up in the sky, but the myth of you, and the joy, laughter and love you gift me with every year.


Thank you Santa Claus





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