Charlie’s Advent Calendar: Day 12 – My Christmas Plans

The main shopping street in my hometown, last Christmas.

Christmas grows closer and closer, so does the distance of me being able to travel back home and meet my family.

I live quite distant from my family, I need to travel by plane. Which makes it impossible to pop by for a cup of coffee when you want to chat or just pick their brains on something.

So going home for Christmas makes it even more special, I’m back in my childhood bedroom. I’m still the first one up on Christmas morning – only now I’m making breakfast and not jumping my parent’s bed for them to come up.

I make breakfast while listening to my Christmas playlist (that I have been listening to since the end of October). I play with my dog and get out some nice and fancy porcelain and set the dining room table for breakfast, and wait for the others to wake up.


So this Christmas much like last I’m heading home.

Home to my parents, home to where I grew, home up to where my puppy lives, home to where I have my childhood friends, just home.

Even if I like where I live and consider myself living there nothing beats coming home, to spending time with ones childhood friends, while sitting in the same chairs of the same coffee shop remising high school moments and just being.

So lets all take a moment and think how lucky we all are to have a safe a sound home.



Charlie xx


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