DIY : wood burning ornament


This DIY is super easy, fast and so cute. Its cheap and rustic, it looks great outdoors, probably better than inside. Go ahead and try it!


Craft wood burning set

Drill with a small drill bit

Ribbon/ string

5-inch thick wooden branch cut into 1/3-inch slices




The first step is with the help of a saw is to cut a dozen pieces (or how many pieces you wish for).

With some fine sand paper, give them a go and make sure they are soft and holds an even surface.

Plug in your wood burning set, plug in the calligraphy tip, and let it get hot (mine takes roughly two minutes).

Here you have two options, you can either go freehand like me or follow your imagination or you can use a stencil. Start burning.


Here you have two options: you can either make a Christmas tree ornament or a coaster.

If you are making a coaster you are done.

If you are making a Christmas tree ornament, drill a hole at the top each wooden blank.

Draw a jute string or a ribbon, and you are done.img_7020


Charlie xx


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